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A few words from some of our happy customers

Want to connect, learn about and generate new audiences and customers to grow your revenue base? Our approach for Social Media lead generation is designed to do exactly that.

Excellent job. We ultimately setup an appointment system so now send prospects to appointments for roofing inspections. Works very well. They put in a twist that practically guarantees the job.
Pete M

California, Roofing Company

Great service. Our residential side was up 2x. We recently setup a discount offer via email which is boosting the rates higher. Recommend you get this service.
Pamela N

Washington, esidential and Commercial Cleaning

Recommended. At first I was very upset because their system showed me a lot of the things I was doing did not actually work. But I got over it. In all seriousness this sales funnel method works better than anything else I’ve done.
James R

Arizona, Flooring Installation and Refinishing

Highly recommended. The sales funnel works really well, helped us incorporate Facebook leads also. Revenues are up and we’re using two funnels for two different parts of the business.
Darrell C

California, Automotive Electrical and Audio

Our Lead Generation Programs
go to work for you, so you don’t have to worry about it, just answer the calls & emails and book jobs.

Staggering Facebook Facts about Business


Approximately 70% of monthly users in the U.S. and Canada are connected to a local business

Users want to connect social media networks with their communities, so local businesses can cater to users wants while increasing their customer engagement.


At 46%, the 45 – 55 year age bracket is the fastest growing demographic on Facebook.

If your demographic falls in this age group and you have consistent profile activity you will engage with them.


51% of those that like your business page are likely to purchase from you.

What is 51% of your number of fans? Multiply that times your entry point. That’s the revenue potential from your Facebook page! Does that excite you?


77% of B2C companies said they acquired new customers through Facebook.

51% of those that like your business page are likely to purchase from you. What’s stopping you from using Social Media as a powerful lead generator?


Our Lead Experts can build a pipeline of hot prospects for you. With Our Lead Programs we goto work on all platforms building you a sales funnel of prospects. You sit back and watch prospects come to you.